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Jesse “The Body” Ventura ATTACK

Jesse Ventura talks with FOX News’ Judge Napolitano about Operation Northwoods, 9/11, and WikiLeaks

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History You Should Know | Education

The History of our modern education system that you probably never heard.

How Ronald Reagan Made Genocide Possible in Guatemala


by Benjy Hansen-Bundy | policymic.com

Efrain Rios Montt, who ruthlessly ruled Guatemala in the early 1980s, is currently standing trial in his home country  for the genocide of 1,771 indigenous people. This constitutes a monumental step forward for human rights in Latin America. 

What the mainstream media skates over in its coverage of the Rios Montt trial is the hand Ronald Reagan had in getting the genocidal ball rolling.

The early 1980s were particularly violent in the Latin American theater of the Cold War. Smack in the middle of Guatemala’s 36-year civil war which claimed 200,000 lives, Rios Montt edged out the winner of a sham election in a bloodless coup and began systematically repressing support for the Marxist opposition,as his forces raped women, burned villages, and murdered indigenous Mayan peasants.

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Bill Maher schooled by Glenn Greenwald on “Real Time”

More often than not I’m a fan of Bill Maher’s, but sometimes his ‘politics’ catch up with him - particularly when it comes to Islamic fundamentalism. Such was the case on this past Friday’s edition of “Real Time” when Bill got schooled on American foreign policy and history in the Middle East region by The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald.

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Boston Bombing: What You Aren’t Being Told

I’m not ready to jump on board with everything that is put forward in this video by “StormCloudsGathering.” It’s a good video outlining some facts that give cause to believe that what happened in Boston was a “staged” event. But my gut instinct tells me that there is another element in play in regard to the Boston Bombing. An element that nobody else anywhere is discussing: that of the possible roll of an organized crime syndicate.

Such a syndicate could easily have been working either in collaboration or against the Massachusetts state or Boston city governments in the ever-continuing realm of clandestine city “politics,” be it at-war-with-group-xyz or working in-conjunction-with-group-abc. Everyone is all too quick to just assume this has to be either a terrorist plot or a “false flag operation.” It could be those things, sure. I am at the point now where I cannot believe the narratives that are told to me in the media - ever. I’d love to, but I just can’t. So I am fully open to the idea of a staged event being the case. But I don’t think it is as likely. Here is why, consider this…

First of all men on rooftops are not anything abnormal in situations like a Boston marathon - this is something this video shows as one of its reasons to believe a “False Flag Op,” was at play. Now If I want to give the American government (be it at the federal, state or city level) the benefit of the doubt … something I rarely do … I might be inclined to say: “Well, perhaps there was a disagreement between the city and certain “criminal interests” over how the pie gets cut - and knowing that something could be in the works in the form of a retaliatory hit CRAFT Inc. was contracted by the city as outside, added, professional security.” This would explain why they’re on the ground and in the area - even on the roofs. The federal government, being the shrewd, manipulative cunt farm that it is would not have then been behind these attacks - but instead - as they are trained to do in their fancy Machiavellian colleges on how to govern and run the nation - jumped on the golden opportunity the unplanned tragedy presented to them to pass shady laws under the radar of a distracted press and a who-gives-a-shit public.

Why do I suspect organized crime has a roll in this incident? Do I have any extra insider knowledge other than what the media says? No, not at all. All I am saying is that from a very rudimentary looking at the events and who was involved there are classic hallmarks of an organized crime element being involved:

(1) The older brother was a boxer. Guess what… boxers hang around with gangsters. It’s what they do since time forgot.

(2) The older brother has been linked to the FBI for years. Guess who the FBI keeps tabs on: gangsters and their known associates.

(3) They were otherwise normal Chechen-Russian Americanized immigrants. Chechens have no ideological beef with the U.S. - When it comes to Chechnya the U.S. is very hands off for the most part (so is my understanding of it anyway, please correct me if I’m wrong). Yes I understand they were Muslim - but that’s not as relevant as the media now is portraying it to be. Believe it or not there is such a thing as secular Muslims. I know it’s hard for middle America to comprehend this, but it’s true. Most of them are from former Soviet block nations in fact, because Soviet Russia was an atheist regime - remember?

(4) There is something called the Italian mafia, the Japanese yakuza and, ready for it?, the Russian mob. They do exist and they do bad things. Can you guess which one would have been in play if my imagined scenario has some threads of truth to it?

(5) Did you see the track suit pants that dead guy was wearing in the street the night of all the shoot outs? Track suit pants and no shirt, that’s vintage gangster get-up there.

So just doing this kind of simple math could lead someone to think hey, maybe there is a connection. But it’s just too damn tempting to turn this into a terror plot for the media isn’t it? FOX News is spending all week discussing how we should most certainly do away with the constitution in this case to persecute the captured assailant - ignoring the horrible precedent it sets.

The Boston police, National Guard and whoever else was on the ground in the days after the bombing did not act like they were being manipulated by people who knew EVERYTHING that was going on. What you saw rolling through Watertown last week looked like a small panicked army. Small PUBLIC armies (which is what they were) cost money, not something states have a lot of these days - and when you look at how overboard they went in rolling out the lost Roman legion of Massachusetts considering that all they were looking for was a 19-yr-old kid. It makes you wonder just what the potentially unknown elements were; because after everyone is done celebrating and chanting “USA USA,” the taxpayers of Mass. are going to be left with a big bill to pay. Just what they need, right?

We’re told the FBI was coordinating what was going on in last week in Massachusetts, and I can buy that, but the FBI doesn’t have secret unlimited budgets like other government bodies do. And the FBI, for all of the good work they do, has been known to leave taxpayers holding the bag for their actions before. So it’s real great to know that we as a nation will stop at no length to capture criminals - especially when the FBI is on the case, because they too have an unlimited budget despite it not being secret … meaning I guess it won’t just be Mass. taxpayers footing that bill after all, but all of us. “USA! USA! We’re Number 1! America! Fuck Yeah!!” But was this all done for a False Flag Op? It just doesn’t seem to me as likely.

By the way - are all the celebrities, well-wishers, media moguls & personalities, uber athletes on board with the dog and pony show we’re left with in the aftermath going to help chip in to pay for the tab the tax-payers are now left with? Are Neil Diamond and iTunes going to chip in a percentage of “Sweet Caroline’s” new-found marketability to the cause? Don’t hold your breath.

ANYWAY, …when you consider that the former and current ex-Soviet block nations and republics like Chechnya are suspected hiding places of hundreds of missing suitcase-nukes after the collapse in 1991 - even I was thinking last week, if these guys are Chechens and there is more carnage to come, what other kinds of materials might they have? If I was thinking this, I’m almost positive the American government, FBI and CIA was as well … hence the frenzied actions, martial law and the militarized police swarming in Watertown.

Well, that’s the rosiest picture I can paint of those events - I guess I’ve just seen one too many movies to think I know what could have happened other than what we’re being told. I don’t exactly expect it to make anyone feel better - because although my fantasy crime syndicate scenario exonerates the government from being guilty of a False Flag Op it does implicate them in dealings with organized criminal elements. Either way, what we see in this video is not a good thing and it should be kept in mind that seeing tanks at work in suburban American streets is never anything we should be proud of. Whatever the truth is - I can guarantee this: we will never know it.

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Funny or Die presents
"Drunk History" with Duncan Trussell

American treasure Duncan Trussell has downed a six-pack and some absynthe - the perfect time for a history of Nikola Tesla lesson.

"Tesla was the electric Jesus."

(Source: fierceinvalid)

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The History of Women Wooing Men in song

“…you’ve come a long way baby.”

From Joe Sabia and the CDZA project … A chronology of songs sung by women who are trying to capture the hearts of guys. “It all went downhill after 1996. Or uphill… depending on how you look at it,” Joe says. This one features Dylan C. Moore. See the men’s perspective in History of Wooing Women in their previous episode, here. (via: BoingBoing)

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